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About Altos

about altosThe Ark-La-Tex Orienteering Society (ALTOS) is a non profit club dedicated to the promotion of Orienteering in the Ark-La-Tex Area. We attempt to accomplish this objective by sponsoring four meets each year, conducting clinics when requested, and preparing maps suitable for Orienteering. A quarterly newsletter, "The ALTOS Runner", is available. ALTOS maps all the local parks and uses the most updated maps to run their meets.

Membership fees are due as of 30 September annually and are $10 per year for an individual and $15 for a family, and $5 per student (K-12) (Student is nonvoting). Membership is not required in order to participate in any of our meets, but it is appreciated and helps defray the cost of postage and printing. Any profit realized is used to purchase equipment and help with map development and administrative cost.
If you would like to join ALTOS, you will find a membership application form at this link.

The Ark-La-Tex Orienteering Society sponsors meets from September to April. There is a beginners clinic and instruction is available at every meet. The thirty minute class starts about one hour before the meet starts. You will receive information on "how to play the game", read a map, and use a compass.

By-Laws and General Information

We are headquarters at Shreveport/Bossier City, (Map) Louisiana (USA). The terrain in this area is characterized by wet land areas, rolling hills, erosion features, and clearings. Our meets are conducted in area parks and the Garland Scout Ranch. We used the beautiful forested part of the Barksdale Air Force Base before 9-11 but have not used it since. We look forward to being there again - when security concerns permit. The Orienteering season is from September to April although activities are conducted throughout the year. You can check into the Motel situation by clicking here.

So, if you are looking for a lifetime sport , a part time activity that is mentally and physically challenging, or a better way to stay healthy, come try Orienteering. You might just like it.
Maps are provided at the event site. Bring a compass if you have one (a few loaners are usually available) and also a whistle. Whistles are required for all participants. Wear old cloths, preferably long pants and sleeved shirt, and comfortable outdoor shoes. Wear a watch, there is always a time limit. Normally two hours.

Most events cost $8, unless you are a member of ALTOS, then it is $5. This cost is per map. Most people go it alone but many families and groups share a map. Too many sharing a map usually means one or two read the map and the rest just follow along with little real Orienteering being done.

All our events are open to the public but you should try to register early so we can make sure you have access to the meet site. When you arrive, go directly to the registration area. Someone will meet you and make sure you are registered, have a start time assigned, and direct you to the beginners clinic. You can also corner an old timer and pump him or her for more information. Have a fun run!